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GREAT HARVESTS are special editions of wines from the most successful years that have shown that they stand the test of time and are becoming more prosperous, more mature, and more complex. The 2011 vintage was highly successful and exemplary united terroir, passion and the mighty Danube in one of the undoubtedly best dry wines produced this century.

Graševina great vintage is a pure varietal wine obtained from carefully selected grapes harvested in the unique wine-growing location of Principovac and produced by a special vinification method, three-month mixing on fine lees and three-year maturation in wooden barrels in the ideal conditions of the Old Cellar from 1450. Dry, fruity, complex, harmonious and elegant body structure with an expressive character of the variety but also an exceptionally large vintage in 2011. Aged in the bottle for more than 6 months after bottling, optimal for immediate enjoyment, but at the same time has a very good potential for further storage.

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Packaging: 0,75 l • Category: Line Principovac • Location: Principovac • Variety: Graševina • Harvest 29.9.2011, location Principovac • Premium white wine • Dry wine

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