Graševina Classic


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The lines of classic wines from the oldest and most awarded wine cellar in Croatia are obtained from grapes picked from several wine-growing positions in the area of the town of Ilok. These wines with an attractive fruity aroma, accentuated freshness, medium body structure are very drinkable, ideal for various purposes, and extremely adaptable to wide use in gastronomy. Wines for good company, with your favourite dish and for every day! Wine with everything you like!

Dry white wine, green-yellow in colour. The aromatic profile is dominated by fresh fruit aromas of apple, citrus and peach. Slender, elegant body, light in taste, nice pleasant freshness.

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White wines

Packaging: 1,0 l • Category: A line of classic wines • Region: Croatian Danube region • Vineyard: Srijem • Variety: Graševina • Alcohol: 12% • Harvest: 2019. • Machine-picked grapes from Vukovo, Sofija, Česta and grapes purchased by our long-term family farm partners from the area of the town of Ilok in the Srijem vineyard • Quality white wine • Dry wine


Njezina prilagodljivost okusa i mirisa najbolje se osjeti uz kulen, kobasicu, šunku, riblje paprikaše i sve vrste riječne ribe, kao i jela od bijelog mesa. Wine for good company, with every meal and every day!

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